Mariana Cunha is a Spatial Designer graduated from the MA Interior Design programme at the Royal College of Art (2020).
Currently based in London, Mariana Cunha is involved in projects between London, India and Portugal.

The Designer has a keen interest in creating spatial narratives. While studying at the RCA, Mariana explored her creativity in different realms of the interiors and experimented different approaches on her creative process.
In the first year of the programme, the designer studied experience design in depth to then develop her dissertation ‘Experience Design Shaping the New Era of Retail’. In the second year, she specialised in the Display Platform, focusing in retail, temporary and exhibition Design. These experiences helped shaping her own Design thinking and language.

Mariana truly believes in human interactions and the importance of playing with people’s senses to provide memorable and meaningful experiences. As a result, her work is focused in exploring the use of color, light, texture, smell, sound and journey to tell a story and enhance the human experience in a space.

From the creation of artistic interventions to ephemeral installations or permanent spaces, the Designer seeks to use space as a provocative and engaging medium for its users, resulting in designs that are both visually appealing and that convey meaning. for professional enquires.